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We are here for both Consumers and Clients


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Something positive happens when we ask people how they are doing; when we listen, when we create an open line of communication, and when we solve their financial challenges together.

Our responsibility is to resolve accounts for our Clients, it is not to create additional challenges for Consumers. We make every effort to answer Consumer questions and support Consumers needs to resolve their financial obligations – it’s in our name!

If you have received a phone call, a letter, or a text message, contact us today so that we can work together on helping you resolve your financial challenges.


Hiring a third-party agency to recover past due receivables can be a big step for any size business. At Resolve Financial Recovery, we understand when you do decide to partner with a third-party that maximizing your collection efforts is critical.

That’s why we focus on Customer retention, recovery cost, and return on your investment. You’ll see diplomacy at its very best, while driving the outcomes you need!

RFR will turn your overdue receivables into instant cash. We also offer the option of purchasing your delinquent receivables. Contact RFR today and let’s discuss how we can help.
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Our Services

First-party pre-collect programs

Resolve Financial Recovery can help banks and other companies keep accounts out of collections by keeping consumers up to date with their monthly payments. This option helps the creditor keep the consumer as a client, and helps the consumer stay out of collections .

Third-party collection services

When a creditor or company's internal collection department cannot collect the money owed, they turn to a collection agency to help recover the funds. Resolve Financial Recovery collects on overdue accounts and helps maximize client's returns while maintaining professionalism. RFR works with consumers and understands that this is a very difficult process for the consumer.

Skip Tracing

Tracking down consumers can be a daunting task. RFR utilizes the latest skip tracing technologies and methods to track down consumers.


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